Who We Are

It all started with a question that was asked in 2015,  “Would you 'go' to Mozambique?”  All we knew about Mozambique was that it was somewhere in Africa. We had never thought much about Africa; our only knowledge being from what we had seen in the movies or on the news. However, we were open to exploring the possibilities. Having had a long history of personal involvement with orphan care, this seemed like a natural fit.  So shortly after our initial conversation, our church put a team together to speak at a pastor’s conference, to do short workshops with the staff, and to work with the children living in the orphanage. By the end of the three weeks, it was made clear. Our family’s answer to that original question was emphatically, “Yes!"

We had been cautioned by Victor, the Director of Evanjafrica, that we would be partnering with, to be prepared for the third world conditions of Mozambique. Having traveled to other poor countries, we thought we were prepared for what our family would encounter. However, the living conditions were far worse than we could have imagined. In spite of these conditions, the people were friendly, excited to learn, and full of joy! P1:3 Ministries began with the goal in mind to equip locals in identifying their needs and to assist them in making a difference in their own community.

Why Mozambique

Mozambique is a very poor country that was ravished by decades of civil war. 45% of the population is 15 years or younger. With a life expectancy of just over 53 years, the major causes of death are HIV/Aids & water-borne diseases. The annual GDP per capita is $1,300 annually with many people living on less than $1.00 per day. Most of the rural areas lack necessities like access to improved water, sanitation, & utilities. The Mozambique people are ready for a change.

Our Mission

P1:3 is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) Christian nonprofit corporation that was formed to work with and assist local ministries and non-profits to improve the lives of people in their countries.

We focus on three core activities: discipleship, education, and community development.


We believe that discipleship involves sharing the gospel with whomever God puts in front of us and walking alongside of that person as the Holy Spirit matures them through His word. It is our desire to be a part of the community in Nampula at the orphanage, the local churches, and the school. 


The rate of illiteracy in Mozambique is estimated to be 60% with an even higher rate among women.  Among children who finish primary school, nearly two-thirds leave school without basic reading, writing, and math skills. P1:3 will partner with Evanjafrica to start an affordable primary school for local boys and girls as well as a trade school for post-secondary, non-university bound students. In order to increase student-teacher interaction and thereby the overall success of students the student-teacher ratio will be lower than national standards.

Community Development

Our community development plan is to work with local leaders to improve daily life by identifying sustainable projects. These projects must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

·       Provide educational opportunities

·       Provide access to clean water & improved sanitation and hygiene

·       Generate income producing opportunities

·       Improve nutrition