Our Current Projects

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Water & sanitation 

For many women and girls, each day starts with a long walk to get water. This life-giving water is often contaminated with harmful biological and manmade contaminants causing illness and death. To address this issue, P1:3 has a three-step approach.  We will work with local leaders to identify existing wells and pumps in need of repair or the best location to install a new well and pump. We  will construct latrines if needed and follow with training in basic hygiene practices. Implementing any one of these steps would reduce illness by 15%; however, implementing all three of these steps reduces waterborne illnesses and death as much as 75% or more.


two new schools

Two areas in education that we have determined need the most immediate attention are the K-12 school and a post secondary trade school for those not qualified for university. Currently, children in the earlier years often have up to 100 students per teacher. As you can imagine, it is nearly impossible to know each student and meet their needs with what we could consider success. Therefore many of the students do not finish, and those who do are often illiterate. It is our goal, along with Evanjafrica, to drastically reduce those numbers. This would make it possible to focus on the curriculum being covered and the needs of each student. 

The second area of education we will be focusing on is the trade school. This program is designed to  give those students who are not qualified for university a skill in construction trades. This would make them marketable for jobs which would allow them to provide for themselves and their families.

We currently need $14,000 to ship (2) 40-foot shipping containers of school supplies  from our location in Summerville, SC, to Nampula, Mozambique. These containers are full of desks, chairs, tables, computers, tools and more educational supplies. Will you help us accomplish this so class rooms will be ready in time?

Update - On June 14, 2018 our first of two containers shipped out for Mozambique. Will you help us get the 2nd container there? We currently need to raise $7,000 to get the remaining school supplies shipped in time for the opening of the school in January of 2019.