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For us, discipleship means coming alongside of a person who is prepared to receive Christ through repentance, build their faith through understanding scripture, show them ways to apply Christ and see HIm in their everyday life, and then encourage them to share their faith with others. There are many opportunities to do this. Being involved in the community and building relationships with the people we live with gives us the chance to demonstrate Christ and share Him with our neighbors. It is our desire to be able to pray together, study scripture, and walk with them as they share their lives with us. It affords us the ability to understand more of their spritual needs in order to meet them where they are. The goal of discipleship for us in Malawi is to make disciple-makers by maturing those God puts in our lives, resulting in a changed community for Christ.

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Education is necessary for all individuals to be able to develop skills to provide for a future and for maturing in Christ through the reading of God’s word. It impacts communities and cities and countries as educated people begin to see outside of their own back yard and look to become a part of the larger world we live in. It improves citizenship and governments as educated people become more involved in the workings of business and politics. An education offers each individual the opportunity to improve themselves on every level, which positively impacts the place each person comes from.

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P1:3 has an invested interest in the community we are living in. It is our deepest desire to change the lives of people in our primary group of influence in hopes that we teach those we help to do the same. Our appoach is simple; we meet with local leaders and individuals, identfy the need, survey what resources are available in the community, develop a project that addresses those needs, offer training and support, and teach families involved to minister to others.

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